What is interpretation?  Interpretation is the conveyance of a message from one language to another while at the same time maintaining the original register, tone, style, and intentions of the speaker.  Interpretation is an art not a science.  There is certainly not just one way to say what you mean.

Syntex Interpreters are:

Certified by the Judicial Council of California Court Interpreters Program (JCCCIP) (Please note, some languages are not certifiable).

Native speakers of the target language.

Tested and verified by an independent third party such as the JCCCIP, or the Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS).

Are trained in the skills of interpretation by an independent third party such as the 40 hour, Connecting Worlds Healthcare Interpreter Training Program, the MIIS or the JCCCIP.

Many have at least 5 years of experience as a professional interpreter.

Syntax interpreters stand apart from other interpreters in the following ways:

Language fluency:  Syntex interpreters are fluent in their language pairs.  That means that they understand not only what the words mean but the connotation behind the meanings including slangs, jargons and colloquialisms.

Cultural Fluency: Syntex interpreters understand and appropriately apply the customs, beliefs, practices, values, and assumptions that guide the behavior of a specific group of people.  Just because someone speaks the language doesn’t mean he/she is well versed in the culture.  For example, an American born Chinese teenager who grew up learning how to speak Chinese from her parents may not necessarily know the social customs of a Chinese person from China. Syntex interpreters are truly bicultural and can help you navigate through any culture with grace and style.

Communication Skills: Communication is key.  The ability to communicate meaning with eloquence and ease from one language to another is crucial to anyone who hopes to be a good interpreter.  Syntex interpreters are skilled communicators in both languages they are working with.

Aptitude: Syntex interpreters have excellent memory, is linguistically intuitive (can convert meanings in different ways when there is no direct word for word translation), speaks clearly, works well under pressure, has a vast vocabulary and in-depth knowledge of both languages.

Syntex Translations provides onsite or over the phone interpretation in the following settings:

Medical appointments;

Large meetings and conferences;

Legal proceedings;

Immigration hearings; and

Business transactions


Syntex Translations can help existing companies audit and evaluate existing translated materials.  Frequently, we have detected many errors in translations of signs and documents from our clients.  We would be glad to provide you with a free evaluation. Just send us your existing translation along with its English counterpart.


We offer transcription services in 100 languages.

Our transcriptions are:

Certified and Ready for Court

Provided In Over 100 Languages;

Timely and Accurate;

Formatted exactly how our clients want it; and

Delivered in whatever format our clients prefer.

We provide:

Legal transcription

Medical transcription

Corporate transcription

Media transcription



Conference Calls

We can work with any file or formats you have, including the following:




MP3, WMA, WAV; and



Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to the culture and language of the target market. This is a complex process that involves multiple steps. Simply adding Google translate to your website will not make your website usable to the target population. Machine translations is far from being an acceptable replacement for real communication.

Our company can provide the solutions to make your website function beautifully in any language you choose. Just give us the content of your website and we will work with your web developer to put together your website in any language you choose.


We can help you find and hire bilingual employees in virtually any language you choose.  We have a vast database of specialized bilingual individuals in any profession you need.  From clerical to IT consultants, we have the right person for the job.

Please contact us for further information.